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Advancing Diabetes Care Equity - Shared screen with speaker view
Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association
Good afternoon, please note today's webinar will be in listen-only mode. If you have any questions, please type them in the CHAT box here. We will host a Q&A session near the end of the webinar.
Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association
As a reminder, We will begin the Q&A session shortly. If you have any questions, please type them in the CHAT box here.
Matt Fishman
Excellent presentation. Thank you! Is there a role for community health workers in working with patients and providers to address social determinants and improve access to medications and patients abilities’ to follow providers’ recommendations?
Judy Lichty-Hess
Will you be sharing this presentation?
Christina Wolf
When bringing mobile screening and care into underserved communities, what are the best aspects of diabetes prevention/care we could address?
Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association
Yes Judy, all registrants will receive an email which will include the slides, the recording, links to the publications and a survey.
Jannette O'Neill-Gonzalez
Are there a move to increase CHW certifications in multiple languages?
Carolin Collymore
Eye opening for sure. I would like to suggest monitoring tool (e.g., Free Style libre) for everyone, including type 2. This device is very helpful and cuts the pain of finger sticks, though insurances don't cover this.
Paul Fu
thank you!