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Telehealth Licensure, Interstate Practice, and Insurer Policies: What your Hospital Needs to Know - Shared screen with speaker view
Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association
Good afternoon, please note today's webinar will be in listen-only mode. If you have any questions, please type them in the CHAT box here. We will host a Q&A session near the end of the webinar.
Jennie Forden
Did I hear you correctly that NH allows providers from bordering states (like MA) to practice telehealth for patients located in NH?
Kimberley Coon
Are we able to get a copy of this presentation? This is very helpful. Ty. Kimberley
Jennie Forden
YEs can we please verify that? This has been a huge issue for our providers
Kimberley Coon
Does RI and FL have an exception?
Adam Delmolino, MHA
We will distribute the slides from this presentation after today's webinar.
Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association
As a reminder, We will begin the Q&A session shortly. If you have any questions, please type them in the CHAT box here.
Rebecca Mahoney
Is Massachusetts in the nurse compact yet? Do the same rules apply to triage and home advice?
Scott Files
How is insurance reimbursement evolving with telemedicine? Is it a hindrance to further expansion of clinician rights to practice medicine across state borders?
Alexandra Klingenstein
Are there states that you've seen where the law requires licensure for out of state participants in case conferences (ex. conferences for med educational purposes) (So, distinguishing from true peer to peer consult.)
Scott Files
Do you think the pending shortages of clinicians across the spectrum that will result from clinician retirements, burnout due to COVID, and the increase in need for the growing baby boomer population will push legislation in telemedicine? Any ideas on timelines?
Anna Esten
Thanks for this presentation and insights. What are your thoughts on the forthcoming periodic in-person requirement for tele-behavioral health services under Medicare? Any chance Congress will eliminate this requirement? Thanks to tMED for their advocacy on this!
Bea Forrest
The case where established therapeutic relationship and primary established residence in MA, and patient is temporarily away at college or 2nd residence (ie FL) allowed to prescribe? guessing telehealth not d/t location during visit.
Scott Files
Are there any go-to online resources that cover telemedicine updates, legal issues, and other information that is regularly updated with regard to legislation, required CMEs, etc.?