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What’s Next in Healthcare Innovation? - Shared screen with speaker view
Lindsay Goldfarb - MHA
Good afternoon, thanks for joining today's webinar on "What's Next in Healthcare Innovation?" Today's webinar will be recorded and all lines will be in listen-only mode. If you have any questions for our panelists, please type them into the CHAT box here.
Kirsten Singleton-MHA
Audience questions are welcome- let us know what you're seeing in your hospitals and organizations here in the chat, or direct a question to any/all of the panelists.
Lindsay Goldfarb - MHA
Please type any questions for our panelists in the CHAT box here. We will be hosting a Q&A session soon!
Lindsay Goldfarb - MHA
Thank you all for attending today! Thanks to our speakers and our webinar moderator! Please check out our upcoming events: https://www.mhalink.org/MHA/Education/UpcomingEvents/MHA/Education/Upcoming_Events.aspx?hkey=1ae0f83e-f7d5-4a4a-8873-926fa3c65359